Orlimar Golf Weekly Contest

Orlimar Golf Weekly Contest

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for some excitement in the new year? Look no further! Orlimar is here to make your golfing experience even more fun with our new weekly contest. Orlimar’s “Review of the Week” contest is designed to bring Orlimar customers together and create a sense of community. Whether you're a new or returning customer, Orlimar is committed to showing our appreciation in new fun and exciting ways.

Participating in Orlimar's "Review of the Week" is easy! All you need to do is keep an eye on our website and emails for contest announcements. Once the contest is announced, simply follow the instructions provided to enter.

Customers can also participate in the “Review of the Week” contest by leaving a written review for their Orlimar product on our website. For contest entry make sure to include the hashtag #OrlimarReview at the end of your written review. One winner will be chosen.

The winners of these weekly contests are selected randomly and will receive a discount of 25% off their next Orlimar purchase. Winners of the "Review of the Week" contest will receive their one-time discount code via email.

Orlimar's "Review of the Week" contest will be kicking off on January 19th. All year participants will have a 6-day entry period with deadlines being Wednesdays at 11:59pm and the winners will be announced on Fridays.

Participating in Orlimar Golf contests is not just about winning prizes. It's about being a part of a great golfing community and connecting with fellow golfers who share the same passion. We look forward to growing this community all 2024!

Orlimar Contest Guidelines

I. Eligibility- Review of the Week
A. Open to all Orlimar Golf Customers
B. Must leave a written product review on the Orlimar Website.

II. Entry Submission- Review of the Week
A. Leave a written review for any product on the Orlimar Website
B. Use the hashtag #OrlimarReview at the end of your review.

III. Discount Criteria
A. Eligible winners receive a 25% discount code.
B. Discount code can be applied on next Orlimar purchase.

IV. Duration
A. Orlimar will run these weekly contests Fridays all 2024.
B. Prior to the Friday winner announcements contestants will have a 6-day entry period.
C. Deadlines will be on Wednesdays at 11:59pm

V. Winner Selection
A. Random selection from eligible entries
B. Winners will be announced weekly on Fridays
C. Announcement through Orlimar email

VI. Prize Redemption
A. Winners will receive their one-time discount code via email.
B. Apply discount during checkout on Orlimar website.

VII. General Terms
A. Company reserves the right to disqualify entries.
B. Discount not transferable or exchangeable

VIII. Publicity
A. Winners may be featured on Orlimar’s Facebook, Instagram, email, and website.

IX. Contact Information
A. Email: support@orlimar.com
B. Phone: 626-330-5525

X. Compliance
A. Participants must adhere to platform guidelines.
B. Follow all applicable laws and regulations.